Say it with COLOUR!

Color can be an awesome way to express yourself this season. Strategic color placement can bring out or accent some of your best features. Have you been sporting a trendy bob this season, but you're ready for a fresh look? Try adding just a few panels of color near the bang area to draw attention to eye shape or complexion.

Do you have a short cut, but want to make the sassy cut a bit more jazzy? Ask your hair care specialist to simply add a few brush strokes of color to the tips of your hair in the crown and work your desired tone toward the fringe area.

Happen to have dark skin and an urge to be bold? Trying a few splashes of pale blonde or a vibrant sun kiss copper will speak volumes. Do you wish to be different but not outspoken? Maybe a warm cinnamon or soft caramel is all that is needed to compliment your almond skin.

An entire head of color is quite a commitment, and sometimes less is more. Dare to be different and stand out this season!